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It’s Time to Level-Up Your Laundry’s Functionality

Ideally, the layout of your home should be separated into resting areas and services areas. Your home’s laundry should be located in the same area as the kitchen; this creates a good split between quiet areas for relaxing to loud amenity areas, where washing machines and refrigerators are continually running.

Although if your home is on a small lot and space is limited, you can integrate your laundry into the service rooms like the bathroom or kitchen. Again, tucking the loud washing machines away from chill-out zones and entertaining areas.

The Best Functional Laundry Storage

The first step in your modern renovation should be to choose laundry appliances, ensuring that the cabinetry fits around desired devices and not the other way around—details such as bench depth and the direction in which doors open need to be considered first.

When planning your laundry’s layout, the next priority should be to add as much varied storage as possible. Modern laundries should include a good combination of cupboards, benchtop surface, drawers, clothing poles, open and closed storage. The following are the most popular and useful types of storage we use in Novalé modern laundry renovations.

Tall cupboards which reach from the floor to the ceiling are best used to store long and oddly shaped items like brooms, mops and vacuum cleaners. Maximise the highest shelves to store chemicals and cleaning products, so they are out of reach from children and pets.

Horizontal poles and railings are convenient additions to your laundry and relatively easy to install. Air dry your clothes on indoor rails for crease-free clothes and avoid the ironing.

Speaking of ironing boards – today, there are many built-in and hideaway models available, the perfect way to save space and reduce clutter. Most models fold away effortlessly onto the wall, and include some form of smart technology, like safety timers, motion detected lighting and height-adjustable features.

Increase the floor space in your laundry with built-in laundry baskets, Novalé can integrate unique features, like clever slide-out designs, into custom cabinetry. Unlike typical laundry baskets, custom built-ins allow for more organisation, for example, opt for two baskets to sort light clothing from dark clothing into separate bins.

The best part of renovating from scratch is making sure all your unique requirements are met, including your pets! While laundries are commonly an ideal spot for pets when their owners are out of the house, it is essential to make sure the area is as comfortable as possible for them, with outside access where possible. This might also include a built-in spot for your dogs’ bed, a designated place for a cat’s litter box or extra bench space for a pet cage.

Adequate ventilation is often an overlooked consideration when designing your perfect modern laundry. Particularly for homes which often airdry washing inside their laundry without proper ventilation materials can be susceptible to mould build-up. In these cases, open storage is the solution, from recessed shelving and glass door cabinets. It allows fabrics to dry fast before the next use to eliminate most possibilities of germs spreading. The right styling in open storage can give your laundry a designer look —the perfect place to display plants, family pictures or fresh towels.

All in all, the most essential element for a functional space is to ensure structural materials are suitable for the area’s desired use. Make sure each aspect in your laundry is ideal for a wet and humid room, where slip-proof and non-porous materials are chosen to avoid likely accidents to household members and the materials themselves.

A Much-Needed Laundry Detox

The laundry is often the junk drawer for the entire house and primarily an over-ignored room. Anything that is out of expiry, you no longer have use for or hasn’t been used recently can be removed and replaced.

When detoxing your laundry, it is vital to make sure the chemicals and other cleaning products you use are not harmful, especially when you have pets and children in your home. Opt for organic products with plant-based ingredients; this will give you peace of mind that your clothes and home are free of dangerous toxins and chemicals.

To learn more useful detox hacks, read Novale’s previous article to discover The Secrets to How Often You Should Clean Your Bathroom. Or for a mental detox read Novale’s recommended wellness routines to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa for 2021.

No matter if you are looking for bathroom renovators for a large bathroom in Newcastle, or a small laundry renovation in Alexandria Novale’s highly experienced teams are available to help you produce a beautiful and highly functional contemporary design.

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