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What Are The Benefits Of Oatmeal Baths?

What are the benefits of oatmeal baths? – we answer all there is to know about oatmeal, how it helps skin and even expert commentary on why oatmeal helps to relieve skin conditions.

Oatmeal baths

What Are Oatmeal Baths?

Oatmeal has been used for skin care purposes since the Roman times. Today, oatmeal can be found in many organic skincare creams and bath soaps, including the world-famous Aveeno products.

It’s one of the best home remedies for irritated skin!

How Does Oatmeal Help Itchy Skin?

Itchy Skin

The benefits of oatmeal baths for skin conditions are quite amazing.

So, if you’re a sufferer of skin conditions such as eczema, dry skin or psoriasis. Then we are here to answer your skin care prayers!

There’s not many things in life that come close to the discomfort of itchy, sore skin that nothing can sooth or take the edge off. That is until we discovered the surprising effects of an Oatmeal bath.

What Are Oatmeal Baths Good For?

The top skin conditions that oatmeal baths have proven to relieve:

EczemaPsoriasisSunburnSevere Dry SkinDermatitisChicken PoxHivesInsect Bites

What Kind of Oatmeal Do You Use In An Oatmeal Bath?

Colloidal oatmeal is best for an oatmeal bath

The oats you put into an oatmeal bath are not the same oats you use in your morning porridge. Colloidal oats should be used in an oatmeal bath and can be found in your local supermarket, pharmacy, or health store.

How Does an Oatmeal Bath Help Itchy Skin?

So what are the benefits of an oatmeal bath? and how does it actually help itchy skin or other skin conditions?

Well, firstly colloidal oatmeal is used (as we mentioned above). Colloidal oatmeal will relieve irritated skin as it is made from natural oat grain or Avena sativa that is ground into fine powder and acts as a great anti-inflammatory.

Packed with vitamins (specifically vitamin E), minerals, fats and proteins that help heal the skin. Colloidal oatmeal works to bind the skin and create a protective skin barrier to help lock in moisture and reduce inflammation.

oatmeal acts as a protective skin barrier

Now you understand how Colloidal oatmeal can help the skin and soothe itchiness, it’s time to find out how to make your own oatmeal concoction.

How to Make Your Own Oatmeal?

Make sure you are using uncooked, whole oats that don’t have additives (Don’t be emptying your Quaker-Oats golden syrup into your bath).

Grind the oats up with a blender, food processor or anything you can get your hands on that will turn the oats into a finely ground powder.

Once they have been ground to dust, your oats are ready to be popped into the bath!

What Oatmeal Should I Use For My Child/Baby?

Baby with eczema

If your child/ baby is suffering with itchy, inflamed skin and you would like to try an oatmeal bath, Itchy Baby Co have a natural baby bath soak that has fantastic reviews.

Younger skin tends to be more sensitive and irritable than adult skin, so using a product with all natural, organic ingredients is a great option.

how oatmeal can relieve itchy baby skin

So, you now have your oats, it’s time to prepare your bath!

Please note, if you have purchased oats from a pharmacy/ health store they should come with instructions, and we would recommend following the directions on the package.

Now, back to the rest of you who purchased oats without a set of instructions…

How To Prepare an Oatmeal Bath to Soothe Itchy Skin?

Firstly, fill your bathtub with warm water (not hot water), remember not to add any soaps or bubble bath as this could cause more irritation to your skin.Pour half a cup of ground oats into the bath.Get in and soak in the oatmeal for around 15 minutes. This will give the skin enough time to absorb the nutrients – don’t soak for too long as your skin will dry out and make itching worse.Rinse off with warm water.Now carefully pat down your body, try your best not to rub as they towel could irritate the sore itchy skin.Finally apply organic, rich in vitamin E moisturiser to lock all the moisture in.

After one oatmeal bath you might notice the benefits; softer, smoother skin. However, it might take a week or so to really notice a significant difference.

How oatmeal can relieve itchy skin

Azza Halim, MD explains ‘You can take oatmeal baths twice daily. The oatmeal acts as an emollient and protective moisturizer for dry skin.’

Oatmeal baths are a safe way to take the edge of sore skin conditions. It might seem a tad yucky at first but after reading all of the specialist advice on the benefits of an oatmeal bath, it’s definitely worth a go.

Please note – if your skin feels worse after one oatmeal bath, don’t try it again and and arrange an appointment with your GP.

Say goodbye to harsh, red skin!

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