Bathroom Renovation

Why the Bathroom is Key to Large-Scale Commercial Projects

Believe it or not, bathrooms can be one of the most complex components of any large-scale development project. They require multiple skilled trades working in a relatively small space and demand high quality finishes to be both customized and meet brand standards. With this in mind, guaranteeing streamlined bathroom construction can be the key to the success of any sizeable commercial project—and here’s why.

Bathrooms can make or break construction timelines

For substantial construction projects with demanding jobsite environments, the amount of coordination required to build superior-quality bathrooms can present logistical challenges that threaten timelines. Given that a typical bathroom requires 10 or more construction trades onsite—including electrical, plumbing and finishing work, ranging from drywall and painting to mirror hanging—a single miscommunication or inability to secure a needed trade can cause a bottleneck that significantly delays the schedule. Not to mention, the amount of rework required in traditional bathroom construction can push the timeline out even further.

At SurePods, we understand the importance of completing bathrooms quickly and efficiently, without squeezing an already tight skilled labor market. This is why we provide prefabricated bathroom pods, designed using 3D modeling for onsite compatibility. The pods are built in a factory-controlled setting where skilled trade work is consolidated. They are then delivered, installed and connected to the building’s mechanical systems. Eliminating scheduling hassles, our modular method makes it simple for developers and project teams to accelerate timelines without compromising quality.

On-budget building hinges on bathroom construction

Most developers approaching us know that in high-cost labor markets, bathrooms can be a pricy endeavor. This is due to the many workers that come and go in such a small space, which poses a huge risk of damage to previously completed work. In fact, about 60% of the punch list in commercial projects results from damage to bathrooms throughout the onsite construction process. This, in turn, leads to further expenditure on labor and replacement materials. It also pushes out construction timelines, delaying openings and the period where a return on investment can be realized.

The good news is the exorbitant price of rework can be avoided by using single-sourced prefabricated bathroom pods. The pods adhere to strict quality manufacturing guidelines so that each and every unit comes out as designed per specifications. For projects needing high quantities of repeatable units, leveraging prefabrication can have a significant and positive impact on a project’s bottom line.

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