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10 Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas for City Apartments

If you’ve ever renovated a small bathroom, you’ll know how difficult designing can be when trying to ensure the bathroom has substantial storage enough for the whole family. That’s why knowing what brands, styles, fixtures, fittings, and decorations suit small bathroom renovations can help you make the most of your apartment bathroom while keeping it organised and easy to maintain.

Which is why we have rounded up ten pictures from our recent Novalé small bathroom renovations that would be perfect for any small bathroom in a city apartment —all without sacrificing an inch of style.

These are beautiful bathrooms from real-life Australian apartment bathrooms, each with its own unique features that make their homes distinct. Browse this gallery – of small bathroom renovations Redfern all the way to apartment bathroom renovations Alexandria – for some clever small bathroom ideas on how to transform your dingy bathroom into a luxury retreat whilst maximising space.


Small Bathroom Renovation Glebe

Big things come in small packages in this small bathroom renovation glebe, especially as this bathroom vanity makes excellent use of the small space. The use of rounded tapware and accessories maximises space creating a less cluttered aesthetic.

The homeowners wanted to keep the original stained-glass window to compliment the modern bathroom installation. This bathroom is proof that taking a minimalist approach with a few show-stopping pieces can result in a unique space with quirky details that don’t overpower the eye.


Small Bathroom Renovation Glebe

Mirrors add more value to a bathroom than just for touching up makeup. A wall-to-wall mirror is a sure-fire way to create the illusion of spaciousness, as this bathroom boasts an airy and open ambience despite not getting a lot of natural light.

As we all know, natural light from large windows will make any room come alive, but large windows are difficult to come by in city apartments. This is why skylights are outstanding space-enhancing elements, as they don’t sacrifice wall space and still allow a lot of natural light to flood through. The mirror also helps to bounces the natural light from the skylight, making the small space feel even more prominent.


Small Bathroom Renovation Glebe

A few extra centimetres will go a long way in any bathroom renovation, but it’s particularly useful in a small bathroom renovation. This small bathroom renovation Glebe makes use of two wall niches and built-in shelves. One in the shower and one above the bath, offering a slimline solution to reduce the common small bathroom installation feelings of cluttered and packed-in.


Small Bathroom Renovation Alexandria

In your small bathroom renovation, strategically placed storage will open up a world of possibilities. The best way to maximise your bathroom storage is with custom cabinetry in your vanity and maybe a tailored mirror with some hidden storage behind. This custom cabinetry in our bathroom renovation Alexandria makes use of every possible space with maximising storage around the plumbing in the vanity for a functional family home bathroom.


Small Bathroom Renovation Five Dock

The most efficient small bathroom renovation designs make the most of awkward nooks and crannies in a tight space, which is another reason why custom-designed cabinetry can be so beneficial. As custom-designs considers the usefulness of every millimetre, ensuring the piece will make the most of the space – turning dead space into functional uses.

This functional inner-city small bathroom renovation in Five Dock is another small bathroom that makes the vanity and the mirror have multiple purposes. With a built-in ledge, this custom design creates extra benchtop storage instead of cluttering the walls and floor with shelves and boxy storage.


Small Bathroom Renovation Five Dock

Instead of a bulky shower caddy, this small bathroom renovation Five Dock maximises storage with little wall soap hangers. This quirky inner-city bathroom renovation features many urban stylistic accessories, with bold wallpaper at the top hinting at the original bones of the property.


Small Bathroom Renovation Redfern

This Redfern Bathroom Renovation ensured every piece has a purpose, from the space-efficient towel rack, hidden mirror storage to the shower and bath combo. The family home bathroom features a frameless glass shower door, a practical element to replace dark shower curtains and gives the illusion of more space in any compact bathroom. Allowing light to freely flow throughout the room while reducing visible clutter, making the space feel larger.


Small Bathroom Renovation Redfern

Carrara marble in small hexagon tiles line the floor of this beautifully modern bathroom. Running the tiles from the floor up the wall makes this small bathroom renovation in Redfern feel larger. Stretching the bathroom tiles avoids breaking up the room and gives the impression of a larger bathroom installation, creating a seamless aesthetic. The large towel bar also featured in this Redfern bathroom renovation is a sleek space-saver that clears clutter from surfaces and uses empty wall space instead.


Small Bathroom Renovation Redfern

The owners of this Redfern Bathroom Renovation also remodelled their small ensuite bathroom. They carried the theme of matte black tapware and accessories from the main bathroom to here, making the home’s two bathrooms seamless.

Black matte is now the star of Urban bathrooms. This modern bathroom design staple gives excellent durability like traditional stainless-steel tapware but offers an “on-trend” stylish finish. Depending on who uses the bathroom will dictate the needs in your bathroom renovation. As for this couple’s ensuite bathroom, double sinks were very beneficial!


Start Your Sydney City Bathroom Renovation with Novalé

Whether you are looking for bathroom renovators for an apartment bathroom renovation Redfern or a small bathroom renovation Alexandria, Novalé’s highly experienced teams are available to help you produce a beautiful and highly functional modern bathroom design in the City of Sydney.

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