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Bathroom Trends For 2022 – What to Watch Out For

>As the Autumn months draw in and look to 2022, we take a peek at the exciting bathroom trends emerging in the new year and what you should look out for.

Japandi Bathrooms Trend

There’s a new trend on its way, Japandi – and it’s got some serious staying power. Japandi is an interior hybrid that blends Japanese and Scandinavian styles.

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Influenced by the ancient Japanese idea of wasbi-sabi, an aesthetic that appreciates beauty is ‘imperfect, impermanent and incomplete’, Japandi also inherits the comfort and cosiness of Nordic interior design. Together, forming a gorgeous, simplistic bathroom interior style we can’t get enough of.

This new interior fusion creates the perfect combination of form and function, focusing on neutral hues, bright spaces, and plenty of texture.

To achieve the most perfect Japandi space we recommend 5 features:

Earthy HuesLavish TexturesLow Key lightingMinimal AccessoriesPlenty of Natural Elements 
Freestanding Bathtub

Countertop Basin with Floating Shelf

Nero Wetroom Screen

50 Shades of Green

Green subway tile bathroom
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Expect to see a lot more of green hues in 2022. Pastels, tinted shades, emerald, green, sage greens and more. Green is a brilliant way to refresh a bathroom without overpowering, additionally it’s really nice hue to introduce that can encourage positive wellbeing. Bringing you back to nature with pops of colour.

We love the versatility of this colour, a wonderful fit for modern and traditional bathrooms alike. So, whether you’re looking to totally revamp, a subway tile splash back or adding a new lick of paint, here’s some inspiration that will make you love every shade of green.

Three of our go-to shades we recommend for your 2022 bathroom

Emerald green paint
Emerald Green
Sage green bathroom paint
Sage Green

Breakfast Green Paint
Breakfast Room Green

How To Incorporate Green Into Your Bathroom In 2022

Green Tiles

Sage green bathroom tiles
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Pastel green bathroom tiles
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Painted green bathroom walls
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Introduce Terracotta to Your Bathroom

Terracotta bathroom tiles
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Terracotta is one of the up-and-coming shades for bathrooms in 2022. The earthy hues are coming through, highlighting our newfound love for positive wellbeing interiors.

Since the 2020 pandemic, there has been a huge increase of people remote working and for many, this will be a permanent arrangement. Meaning, now more than ever, our homes should be light, calming, and a positive place for us to exist.

Whichever way you choose to introduce terracotta, from wall paint to tile options to towels or bathmats, feel free to discover deep burnt orange hues to soft apricot shades until you find your ideal terracotta shade.

When introducing terracotta into your 2022 bathroom think about how you want your bathroom to feel. You can create a luxury Spanish villa vibe, traditional Moroccan theme, or rustic rural elements with this beautiful colour.

Terracotta vanity unit
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Terracotta painted bathroom walls
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Soho London Bathrooms

Soho inspired bathroom
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Another big trend to watch out for as we head towards 2022 is SOHO London designs. The best way to describe this beautiful interior is cosy luxury. If that doesn’t quite sum it up, think artsy, bohemian, urban elegance with an edgy flair – sounds divine, we know!

So, what would a SOHO bathroom look like?

To achieve the soho look in your bathroom you need to throw out any ideas of the clean, clinical look when shopping for tiles, paint, or wall design. Think patterned prints that will add extra style to your bathroom space. From geometric to striped or even Turkish cement tiles for a truly bespoke look.

Soho décor adopts a masculine colour palette with a focus on rich tones. There’s no place for minimalism here. The more dramatic, the better. You want your decorative elements to be emotive, passionate with an element of comfort.

If you’re still unsure, we have some Soho London Bathroom design inspiration to die for.

Soho bathroom interior
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Green panel bathroom

Auro gold shower screen

Elizabeth gold thermostatic shower

Milano Richmond washstand

What Paint Colours Are in for 2022?

Couple painting bathroom walls

Over the last few months, we have seen the big paint brands announce their ‘colour of the year’ for 2022 and we couldn’t be more excited about these fresh concepts.

Kick starting with the wonderful Farrow & Ball…

Ok, get ready because this is going to be a mouthful, Babouche, School House White, Breakfast Room Green, Stone Blue and Incarnadine have been named as the hues that will define 2022.

The overall feel of these shades is to offer comfort and simplicity with a mix of folk and craftsmanship. Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball’s colour curator, predicts that ‘simple and familiar colours in clever combinations will be experience a revival in the home in 2022.’

Let’s break down each colour for some clarity:


Babouche is a hue designed to bring joy to your interior, a soft yellow shade that offers a simple yet bold aesthetic.

yellow bathroom
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School House White

A Silky white without the cool undertone to ensure it still holds a warm feel to your bathroom.

School white bathroom walls
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Breakfast Room Green

Breakfast Room Green offers a lively and comforting feel. It’s the perfect background for an art décor theme.

Farrow and ball green bathroom
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Stone Blue

Stone Blue is here to bring back a warm timeless nostalgia to your bathroom space. Pair with traditional chrome fixture and furniture such as Milano Elizabeth Collection, for the most stunning space.

Stone blue bathroom
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Dulux Colour Of The Year

Dulux announced their colour of the year as ‘Bright Skies’, a shade to breathe fresh air into our homes and remind us of light and open summer skies.

They stated, ‘Bright SkiesTM is a light, airy and optimistic blue that’s good for the soul. It promises to open up and revitalise your home.’

This colour comes at the perfect time, over the last 18 months our worlds have been turned upside down and now more than ever do we need to instil a calm, natural and warming tone into our home interior.

Dulux colour of the year
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Mix Bright Skies with our Milano Nero matt black fixtures and fittings for a striking contrast or keep things warm and welcoming with our Modern Brushed Gold taps and showers.  

Milano Nero - wall mounted Basin Mixer tap

Milano Nero Black Shower

Milano Clarus wall mounted tap

Modern Organic Bathroom Design Ideas

If you’re taking on a bathroom remodeling, consider modern organic bathroom interiors. It’s a trend we are seeing more of in the last year and looks to be a continually popular trend. Featuring soft round edges, curves instead of rigid structures will add a relaxed feel to your bathroom.

It’s important to find a balance of modern lines and crisp whites with naturals forms of materials. Sticking to a wholesome colour palette is a must.

Modern Organic Bathroom
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Modern organic bathroom interior
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Freestanding Bathtub

Oxley Wall Hung Vanity Unit

Bathroom Wallpaper Revival

If you thought bathroom wallpaper was going to stay in the 80’s you are so wrong. Wallpaper in the bathroom will be making a big comeback next year!

Tropical bathroom wallpaper
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With the right wallpaper, any room can be transformed and packed with personality. Not only does wallpaper look great it’s also a cost-effective way to make a big impact on your current bathroom space.

You might be thinking ‘but wallpaper in a bathroom is a stupid idea, it will just peel away?’. However, since its revival many wallpaper brands offer specially made paper that sticks perfectly, even in the most damp and warm environments. So you can be safe in the knowledge that once it’s been stuck down, it should stay down.

Whether you’re looking to create a tropical themed powder room, romantic floral pattern or even a fun geometric print – the wallpaper opportunities are endless.

Here’s some of our favourite bathroom wallpapers ready to make a statement in 2022.

Bathroom wallpaper
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Striped Bathroom Wallpaper
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Statement Faucets In 2022 Bathrooms

oil rubbed mono tap

According to the future, nobody wants a ‘normal’ basin tap anymore. 2022 is all about installing statement fixtures and fittings. Long gone are the days when a standard chrome monobloc would suffice.

Brushed gold pillar tap

2022 faucets are all about unique designs and flamboyant finishes. If you’re thinking about a shower and tap upgrade in the new year, make sure you’re opting for something bold, to be right on trend. Think matt black shower and taps for a statement feature or go for copper and golds with green hues to help the brassware pop

bronze traditional tap

Clarus gold basin tap

Biophilic Bathrooms Are Big In 2022

biophilic bathroom design
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In a post-pandemic world, we now require an interior that will instill calm and tranquility into our lives. Your bathroom is the place you end and start your day, so there is an ever-increasing importance for it to be space that fills you with serenity.

Biophilic bathroom design are a great way to bring you back to nature. Plants are a major feature in any biophilic bathroom. They purify the air by eliminating air pollution, boost creativity and reduce stress- all to make a happier and healthier you.

So, if you want a more peaceful feel to your bathroom, you should think about incorporating elements of nature and here’s what to include…

Natural materials- Use natural materials such as wood, cork, stone, or bamboo. These natural materials can be used on the floor, vanity units, walls or even just as accessories. It will instantly add a natural feel to the room.

natural bathroom design
Photo Credit: @loudarchitects

Plant Trend

As we mentioned above, plants can really help improve your mood, so including them into your bathroom is key for a happy wellbeing space. The more the merrier when it comes to 2022 interior.

bathroom with plenty of plants
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It is also key to find out which plants will thrive in a dark and damp atmosphere like the bathroom and lucky for you we have a blog dedicated to all of the best plants for the bathroom. It includes, Golden Pothos, Spider Plant, Aloe plant, Snake Plant and many more.

What should I pair with my plants?

Nothing can affect the mood quite like colours can, so if you’re looking to create a natural, calming bathroom look at the lighter end of the colour spectrum. Earth tones such as taupes, beige, cream, whites, and browns are brilliant for helping add some feng-shui.

Blue Tiles

That’s right you heard us; blue is back in 2022 and it’s all about tiles. Blue tiles are available a huge variety of shades and styles so if you’re looking to include blue into your bathing space, you will be happy to know you have plenty of choice.  

blue wall tiles in bathroom
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Marine blue tiles make a beautiful feature wall, with their rectangular shape and rustic edge for added texture, you will find yourself engulfed in a sea of luxury with their high gloss finish.

If you’re looking for something more subtle you can always opt for a pastel sky blue splashback. A subtle pop of colour that will provide a soft, serene feel to your basin area.

Pastel blue tiles
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Dulux recently announced their colour of the year for 2022 and this beautiful pale blue tile is a great example of ‘Bright Skies’– just looking at this light, soft blue will lift your worries.

Topps Tiles have created the most beautiful, fluted tile in this beautiful bright shade. The tile has a matt finish and a reeded 3D structure, the perfect combination of art décor and contemporary style.

Bright skies fluted tiles
Photo Credit: @Toppstiles

Flute Features

Speaking of fluted designs, we are expecting to see a surge in this beautiful art décor aesthetic finish. Flute designs add dimension, clean structure, and a feeling of movement, whilst keeping a minimal feel.

fluted vanity unit
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Fluted detailing is popping up on almost every surface in recent months, and we expect to see more vanity units, tiles, panels, and light fittings featuring this functional design.

It’s all about adding more texture and interest to your furniture. Here’s some of our favourite fluted finishes…

fluted wall design
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pink floating fluted tile design
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Stone Countertop Bowl

If you haven’t picked up on it already, natural elements are a popular choice for bathrooms in the upcoming months. Natural Stone countertop bowls are one of the most recent bathroom features we have seen in interior influencers homes.

From river stone, to marble countertops there’s plenty of options to choose from ensuring you’re right on trend.

stone countertop basin
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stone oval basin countertop
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Bathroom Flooring Ideas

As far as flooring goes, there’s not much that hasn’t been trialed and tested. Nevertheless, in the upcoming 12 months expect to see a lot of more of wood floor in the bathroom.

wooden bathroom floor

Whether it’s vinyl, laminate, or solid wood, we are seeing more and more of this beautiful natural floor finish pop up.

Here’s some of our favourites so far

oak bathroom floor
Photo Credit:
herringbone wood floor
Photo Credit: @flooringsuperstore.comNot enough flooring inspo for you? Head over to our new blog on Beautiful Bathroom Ideas for 2022.

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