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How Novalé Made an Inner West Small Bathroom Renovation BIG on Style

The Inner West council is among Sydney’s largest local government areas, a community of distinctively creative and dynamic neighbourhoods, defined by many cultures, philosophies, and life experiences.

From Ashfield to Hurlstone Park, most Inner West housing is connected terraces with smaller rooms and bathrooms. As a result, most Inner West bathroom installations require innovative small bathroom renovation tactics to make the most of their quaint inner-city living spaces.

Whether you own an apartment, terrace or house, small bathrooms are typical for many Inner West residents. While many people think that narrow and small bathroom installations are limited in size and arrangement in terms of function and style, that’s not always the case.

In actuality, making a small bathroom installation appear larger and seem more spacious, all while incorporating personal décor, is an art that many designers jump at the chance to tackle.

To demonstrate just how exciting small bathroom renovations can be, let’s take a look at a past Novalé Inner West bathroom renovation in Marrickville. Even though this Marrickville bathroom renovation includes four bathroom installations and a laundry renovation, each room is relatively small and narrow. As a result, Novalé designers utilised several design tips and tricks to make these standard small and narrow bathrooms look great and feel larger than they are.

So, how do you make a bathroom installation visually look bigger? Here are four design tricks Novalé designers used to make narrow and small bathroom installations look larger in this Marrickville home.


Bounce Light with a Light Colour Scheme

One of the most common questions Novalé is asked for small bathroom renovations is, what colours make a small bathroom look larger?

A trick that Novalé designers regularly use to make a space feel larger is to pick one light colour and use that throughout the space. Complementing colours are then used through texture to add another element. Even though a bathroom installation is small, a cohesive colour palette can make the space feel larger than it is, creating an airy atmosphere.


In our Marrickville small bathroom renovation example, the marble’s visual pattern helps add another element of texture into the small bathroom installation whilst also keeping the urban design and monochrome colour pattern in line.

With a white emphasis from the marble, natural light can easily bounce throughout the space, making the area feel lighter and more expansive than it actually is. Plus, the large marble tile mirroring on the floor up the wall achieves a seamless and spacious feel.


Honestly, you can’t go wrong with a black and white colour scheme in a small bathroom renovation! The darker hues of matte black create details throughout the bathroom installation, which gives the eyes interesting focal points to look at, so the space does not seem dull. The black offers attention-grabbing details and helps to expand the space.

Make a Statement with the Floor or Wall

One of the best ways to make any narrow or small bathroom renovation feel larger is by highlighting the room’s length rather than its width by using a stand-out tile on the largest empty area of the space. As a result, when individuals walk into the bathroom, all their attention focuses on the large tile area and tricks their brain into thinking that the surface area is more expansive.

Thus, creating a focal point with a bright, exciting, or patterned tile makes the space look larger and feel more spacious.

The key to making a bespoke tile or feature wall really work in a small bathroom renovation is to ensure the tiles don’t overwhelm the rest of the room. A good tip is to balance out the striking pattern with plain colours throughout other elements in the space, ensuring both aspects complement each other seamlessly.

Two of the bathroom installations in our Marrickville small bathroom renovation case study have a feature tile.

In our first bathroom installation, all attention is captured by the gorgeous geometrical black and white floor tiles. This small bathroom renovation creates the perfect monochrome bathroom with subtle white elements thought the rest of the space.


Following the same methodology, another bathroom installation from this Marrickville case study makes a statement with the colourful feature wallpaper.


No Small Bathroom Renovation is Complete without Innovative Storage Solutions!

One of the most challenging aspects of small bathroom renovations is incorporating lots of storage, in addition to making the storage appear elegant and integrated into the overall design. Remember to utilise your walls for smart storage that doesn’t take up too much space, such as installing wall cabinets, built-in nooks, or even basic shelves!


Open-plan bathroom storage solutions are here to stay since they’re attractive and great for displaying all of your favourite lotions and potions, as well as colourful plants! The only stipulation is that things must remain nice and tidy because they are on display.

Pretty much each small bathroom renovation in our Marrickville case study utilises hidden storage behind the mirrors. It’s just a no-brainer – for small bathroom renovations, as the mirror provides a wealth of deep storage, all whilst not intruding into the room. These minor yet compelling elements are what elevate a concept to the level of a designer.


Always Opt for Wall-Hung Sink Cabinets

Wall-hung units – or units on slender legs – are the finest option for faking square footage in any small bathroom renovation. Simply because they allow people to see the room’s borders, tricking the eye into thinking the space is more expansive. Again, pretty much each small bathroom renovation in our Marrickville case study utilises floating vanities.

For a cohesive effect in your small bathroom renovation, make sure you choose a floating vanity style that matches the colour of your walls and think about wall-mounted taps, which allow for slimmer basins and more space on top for bathroom accoutrements.

Begin Your Small Bathroom Renovations with Novalé

Whether you are looking for bathroom renovators for an apartment bathroom renovation in Ashfield or a small bathroom renovation in Hurlstone Park, Novalé’s highly experienced teams are available to help you produce a beautiful and highly functional small bathroom design in Sydney’s Inner West.

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