Bathroom Improvement

SurePods Close-Up: Bringing simplicity to the design and construction process

Building design professionals are all too familiar with the complications associated with having multiple points of contact during the construction process. And when it comes to bathroom design and construction, these complications can seem exaggerated. Electrical, plumbing and finishing work – ranging from drywall to painting – can require up to 10 construction trades working in an area of about 50 to 100 square feet. Scheduling, miscommunication and onsite reworks can inevitably lead to construction delays, which can adversely affect a building’s target opening date and revenue generation.

To support project architects’ design goals and reduce unnecessary headaches during the bathroom construction process, SurePods prefabricated units provide simplicity from start to finish – check out four ways below:

Single point of procurement: From pre-construction to project completion, design teams work with a single point of contact to concept and create modular bathroom pods. By engaging SurePods early in the design process, project architects are able to communicate design goals without the added confusion that comes from working with multiple contacts. This also makes it easier to stay on track when it comes budgets and target opening dates, as the factory-controlled setting allows for more accurate construction techniques.

Ease of design collaboration: SurePods utilizes Revit, a modelling software for designers, engineers and architects, for building information modeling (BIM). By creating a 3D image of modular bathroom pods during the pre-con phase, all parties involved are able to to visualize the design and make necessary adjustments prior to production. Not only does this help with the design decision-making process, but it also ensures that all building and design professionals are working from the same point of reference.

“SurePods uses the same Revit for BIM electronic data we use, so sharing the designs back and forth is simple and easy,” said Greg Mueller, CEO and principal, Tucker Sadler Architects. “They also generate a complete package for permitting, which speeds up our drawing time.”

Simply put, since modular bathrooms are pre-designed and agreed upon, they are a known solution. There’s no need to change an order or dip into an owner’s contingency fund.

Simplicity on the factory floor: By utilizing Revit in collaboration with project architects, SurePods’ 3D bathroom models translate directly into machine code. Then, production robots can manufacture bathroom pods with laser precision – literally. With automated computer numerical control (CNC) machines, SurePods can essentially “hit print” and produce several bathroom pods per day to exact project specifications.

Plug-and-play installation: Once the pods are manufactured, they are wrapped in waterproof and weatherproof packaging and delivered to the jobsite. Since bathroom pods are forged by machines for dimensional accuracy and produced with high quality materials, they arrive at the jobsite in excellent condition, ready for installation. SurePods can install and deliver up to 30 units per day with a plug-and-play process similar to interlocking Legos, minimizing installation time and essentially eliminating bathroom punch lists. By coordinating a just-in-time delivery approach, projects can continue to run smoothly without unexpected delays hindering the construction process.

If you think your project is a match for SurePods, let’s talk. We have a checklist of technical issues we review with the project team based on our extensive experience. To get started, contact us at