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SurePods Close Up: How Streamlined Delivery Processes Benefit Urban Communities

With over 50% of today’s global population living in cities, more building teams find themselves working on projects centered in metro areas However, urban construction projects are no easy task. Issues like tightly spaced jobsites, public safety and rigid timelines are just a few of the challenges builders face when working in densely populated areas.

At SurePods, our goal is to mitigate these issues through prefabricated building methods—namely, through our concurrent construction and streamlined delivery process. With experience in urban builds, we’re covering how these efficient operations can help improve working conditions for urban building teams and a project’s surrounding residents.

Minimize disruption

At one point or another, everyone living in a city has had to endure the not so pleasant effects of traditional construction. Small urban jobsites force developers to maximize all available storage and workspace. Excess materials overflow into the streets and significantly disrupt traffic flows, all of which are compounded by frequent crew arrivals and building material deliveries. With modular construction taking place in a controlled factory environment, extra materials no longer need to be kept onsite and deliveries are reduced.

A just-in-time delivery approach can further minimize disruptions. Developers and contractors can arrange for the bathroom pods to be delivered at off-peak traffic hours when the building team is ready to lift, place and connect the units. And with the ability to deliver and install up to 30+ units per shift at SurePods, fewer truck deliveries are required. This means less time at the jobsite, which in turn greatly reduces public disturbances.

Reduce market related delays

Another way prefabricated construction can reduce disruption is by alleviating any market related delays. There is no need to wait for the building shell to be complete and ready for bathroom pod install. The concurrent construction process makes it possible for the building team to take advantage of favorable market conditions and begin at once. When the pods are complete, modular units can then be held in offsite storage, ready for delivery. This provides developers with further control over potential market uncertainties like material availability and labor shortages that would otherwise disrupt construction timelines and keep projects ongoing in communities.

Save time and resources

Unlike traditional building methods that require multiple contractors, modular solutions like SurePods prefabricated bathrooms also serve as a one-stop-shop for materials, transportation and installation. This is widely beneficial for urban construction projects in densely populated areas, where traffic is constant, and resources and labor are tight. This is evidenced in Prism Apartments, a residential building in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

With less material deliveries needed for individual bathroom components, urban traffic surrounding the jobsite was significantly reduced (five completed bathroom pods arrived per box truck). Following a successfully coordinated just-in-time delivery, bathroom pods were ready for a seamless “plug-and-play” installation. Better yet, by reducing trade labor resources and eliminating the need for rework, SurePods delivered 159 prefabricated bathroom pods directly to the site. This helped save the project team $2,500 per bathroom and eliminated 10 days of onsite labor per bathroom.

Interested in using SurePods modular bathrooms for your next urban project? Get in touch and we’ll help explain exactly how these solutions can benefit your new build.

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