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Debunking the Myth: Repeatable Units Do Not mean Cookie Cutter Design

Modular construction has proven itself a faster, more versatile, and high-quality building option. Yet, misconceptions continue to persist as the technologically advanced process deviates from the familiarity of traditional building methods. One common myth is that the repeatable units produced in large quantities during the modular construction process rely solely on ready-made design with little creative flexibility and diminished quality.

While prefabrication does enable production in large quantities, by no means does higher volume equate to lower quality. In the case of SurePods modular bathroom pods, our factory-controlled setting actually allows for higher quality finishes. To illustrate, our relatively thin floor assemblies support a smaller threshold and tighter tolerances. With this, modular bathrooms automatically adhere to ADA requirements while offering slim profiles and eliminating excess labor costs.

Of course, bathroom pods do work best in any market with a repeatable design, including multi-unit residential, healthcare facilities, hospitality, student living and assisted and senior living facilities. But this does not mean prefab is synonymous with lackluster units. Modular solutions simply need higher quantities to substantiate set up and production—not because of any creative deficiency.

In fact, modular construction can involve a great deal of creativity. With equal design collaboration between the manufacturer and client starting at the pre-design phase, every prefabricated project involves some degree of customization. From basic apartment bathrooms all the way to five-star level hotel finishes, the design is completely dependent on what the client wants and specifies. To emphasize this creative design process, SurePods even offers ample options for customizations on pods where dimensions don’t change. From trim and fixtures to accessories and more, building professionals can enjoy fully tailored bathroom components.

For large scale projects on a fixed schedule or those facing expensive or unavailable skilled local labor, consider the significant advantages of the creative and quality prefab approach.

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